The Aylidarian Empire
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The Elder Scrolls Online Chapter

Alliance Loyalty: Aldmeri Dominion

Founded 2016

The ESO chapter was founded in the summer of 2016. This chapter currently is operational with a total of 25 active members.

Our guild on ESO has no specific focus (These are Market, Crafting, RP, Dungeons, and PvP in ESO). We prefer to do as much as we can in each of these focuses, as it allows us to play more of the game.

Requirements to Join

  1. In Order to play ESO you must first buy the game. Expansion(s) and DLC(s) NOT required. PC/Mac Required.
  2. Created characters MUST be Aldmeri Dominion (Main character).
  3. Must reach level 10 with character when seeking to join, as per game requirements.
  4. Applicants may PM or mail @solstella for an invite ingame.
  5. Must be a registered member of TAE or sign up through the ingame guild.

Please Note: Guilds in ESO are tied-to-account. You may only be in 5 guilds at once.


The ESO guild expects a few things that may / may not be expected in other games. A few are listed below

  • Members are expected to login at least once every 21 days to maintain membership. For promotion to a veteran rank, you must be on at least once every 14 days. Officers are expected to be on more than once a week. Our highest ranking officers must be on several times a week.
  • Members are expected to contribute to the guild vault. Funds and items are used for guild events.
  • The Guild vault is not your free shopping mall. Taking excessive amounts of items without putting items in will result in you being kicked without a warning.
  • We require that on top of being online, you communicate with other guild members. The guild is a community. Talking and doing activities together are the core of a guild.