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Neverwinter Chapter

Alliance Member: None

Founded 2015

Our Neverwinter chapter was founded on Aujust 2nd, 2015. On June 26th, 2016 the Neverwinter chapter was the first chapter to use the new TAE name. While once the crown jewel of TAE, our Neverwinter chapter is now closed for the foreseeable future. The guild still exists however due to the effort of its old praefect. There currently is no praefect to oversee the guild however.

If you are interested in this chapter, please contact an Imperial Council member, the Emperor, or leave a message on our Facebook page. We would like to reopen this chapter if there is interest.

The Stronghold

TAE of Neverwinter maintained a large stronghold. While not the best out there, it was stocked with some supplies and has several shops.

TAE took part in the Alliance War mode for awhile with the assistance of other guilds.

For a decent amount of time TAE was part of a small Alliance. We have since then left due to both inactivity and because of how the alliance was ran. TAE has not lead an alliance on Neverwinter due to game restrictions.


TAE of Neverwinter used a rank system similar to the current ESO chapter. Much in the same way, rank also was gained according to the same rules and there was an activity policy in affect.

Due to an officer revolt in September 2015, officer ranks are much stricter than in other chapters. To become an officer, you must be in TAE for at least 5 weeks time, on top of the other requirements.


Membership in this chapter was fairly open, and activity rules where fairly loose. We currently are not accepting new members, as this chapter is considered closed right now. If you are interested, please contact a TAE leader or contact us via ur Facebook page.