The Aylidarian Empire
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Tribal Wars 2 Chapter

Founded November, 2019

First founded on the US Rupea Realm, this is TAE's first new chapter in several years. It is from this chapter that membership would increase greatly and we would be able to spread to other games.

Our first tribe reached 3rd place on the US Rupea server. We will be moving to EN servers in the future.


TAE of Tribal Wars 2 uses a rank system that reflects the nature of the game. Command of specific regions is given to War Marshals, while other tribe activities are managed by various "Secretaries".

In order to become a Commander on TW2 you must already have obtained the TAE rank of Munifex.


We are always looking for new players to join the chapter. If the chapter is full contact an officer so you can be placed on a waiting list. Space varies depending on tribe level on each realm, easiest way to join is to get in touch on Discord.

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